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Management Team

Christopher Chan - Director

Chris graduated from Middlesex University, London, has a strong background in sales and marketing and has managed a construction company for the last few years however his interest in interior and achitectural design and personal projects in this area, had led his move into the design industry full time.

His philosophy for Turn Design is to create a team of select, qualified and personable designers with passion and natural talent who understand the importance of interpreting a client's need and creating their desired vision regardless of their design style.

He believes that the design experience should be enjoyable and fun for the client and part of this is to do with the effective administration and backend support that the client receives from the Turn Design project team throughout the length of the project.

'' I really enjoy this creative environment and watching the designers work and pull together such beautiful schemes is inspiring to say the least. Our clients are wonderful people and I enjoy maintaining on going, personal relationships with all involved including our suppliers and partners who are an integral part of our business.''

Ever since established, the company have been awarded with many contract and tenders participated, both from the Government as well as from the Private Sectors. Throughout the duration of the contracts, the Company had performed as accordance to specified tenders and schedule required, without failure.
The scope of services provided comprises the following:

Jeff Lee - Design Consultant

Jeff's interior design philosophy is all about 'enhancing your environment'. He believes in creating spaces you love to be in, spaces where you can feel inspired and happy, calm and relaxed. Most importantly where you can have fun be it work or play.

Jeff has over eight years of industry experience including running his own Interior Design business for the previous four years and prior to this to working nationally and internationally on residential and commercial projects. He has formal interior design training which resulted in a Bachelor of Interior Design from ALIF Malaysia.

Recently, Jeff has been involved in the project management of large commercial jobs and believes this marvies well with Interior Design as it combines practical skills with concepture Design.

Lucas Chan - Project Manager

Lucas joined our team in 2002 in the role of Manager responsible for supplier management, co-ordination and support of the designers as well as overseeing all client deliveries and installations.

Lucas background is in the carpentry and furniture industries.

Lucas brings a variety of different skills to Turn Design. He has a strong sense of the importance of exceptional customer service and believes the interior design process should be as enjoyable, as mush fun and as hassle-free for the client as possible.

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