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Our Residential Projects

- Kiara Hill

- Dr Lee PK8

- KL Trillion

- Kota Kemuning

- Loke House Kajang

- One Lagenda

- Prima Height Condo

- Sierra Mas

- Valencia

- Mr Gan 1 Lagenda

- Mr Soh 1 Lagenda

- Mr Tan Residence, The Mansions

- Dr. Wu Residence, The Mansions

- CC Residence, Lake Field

It is a dream of everyone to own a captivating home which creates a relaxed atmosphere for all the occupants to be at ease. Turn Design Interior, as a preeminent interior design consultant, is determined to turn everyone’s dream home into reality.

Holding the philosophy of being invariably client-centric, Turn Design Interior has never cease to understand each client’s needs and wants. With an aim to provide the highest standard of interior design for home, Turn Design Interior fully comprehends each individual’s preferred design, be it a spacious modern home infused in simple and clear-cut colour scheme in praise of minimalism, a bohemian styled home decorated with a mix of several subtle colours in creating a laid-back ambiance, or any other customised interior design style for home that has yet to make it appearance on a magazine.

The designing scope of Turn Design Interior is not limited to landed houses but generally covers any other type of housing such as apartment and condo. Interior design is often more restricted in the case of high-rise buildings due to their unalterable fundamental structures. Despite such, the highly reputable designers in Turn Design Interior have never failed to present stunning interior design of condos to its clients.

In sustaining the glorious title of a professional interior design consultant, Turn Design Interior continuously endeavours to design and renovate homes in ways that meet the clients’ lifestyle needs.

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